Gerard Mugneret, Les Charmes, Chambolle Musigny 2020


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Gerard Mugneret

Pascal Mugneret spent the better part of the last decade working to better understand the subtleties of the terroir that his father farmed before him. He has made significant changes in the vineyards in an effort to produce with as minimal intervention as possible. He has moved to biodynamics, tills only minimally, uses cover crops, hedges high and leaves many of the apical buds. His vines stand out compared to his neighbors, and his methodology has been admired by many of the younger vignerons in the village. In the cellar, he generally uses between 50-100% stem inclusion with very low sulfur at all points during winemaking. The wines are aged in barrels ranging from zero to 100% new oak, for between 12-18 months depending on the vintage and parcel. The wines have an amazing honesty and purity of expression, but also have significant structure. These wines are coming from some of the most sought after terroirs in the Cote d’Or making this is a domaine to follow.



It would be difficult to overstate the importance of France to the wine world. With a rich history of wine production across virtually all of France over the last thousand years many of the grape species that are known for producing benchmark wines from all over the world had their beginnings in France. Over centuries vignerons refined their focus on what grapes thrived and transmitted a sense of place.